Avalon Farm



Mary and her beautiful KWPN gelding have accomplished great things in the last three years.

- GDCTA May 2019, qualified for Intermediare I AA for Regionals.

- 14th out of 47 at PSG AA Championships Region 3 Regionals 2018

-Silver Musical Freestyle Bar 2018!

- USDF Nationals 2017, 7th place overall in the Fourth level Musical Freestyle AA.

- Region 3 Championships 2017, 4th place finish overall and highest scoring AA in the Fourth Level Freestyle Championship class earning a spot at Nationals.

- GDCTA September 2017, debuted and qualified for Fourth Level Freestyle, winning both tests both days with 71 and 72%. 

- GHF June 2017, qualified for PSG, winning her tests each day as well as taking Reserve High Point Dutch Award. 

- 6th Place at USDF Nationals at Fourth level AA 2016

- Reserve Champion Fourth level AA at Regionals 2016

- Silver Medal 2016!

- GHF June 2016 PSG debut taking first place both days and qualifying for Regionals along with Champion High point FEI, Susanne Lauda High point FEI AA, Reserve Champion KWPN High point award, as well as finishing her Silver Medal!!

- GDCTA April 2016 Qualified for Regionals in one weekend for Fourth level and High Point T-4th AA for the weekend.

-GHF June 2015 KWPN High point, High point T-4th AA, Goodhorseman's Cup Award for High point overall show with a 73.3% at 4th level


Pat and her imported Holsteiner gelding, Corsair, have made leaps and bounds of progress! 2016 was her first time out at Recognized shows, and she kicked butt!

-GHF September 2018 earned one score at Second level towards Bronze Medal, also Reserve High Point for the show

- 2017 qualified for Regionals Championships at First Level AA also earning her First level scores towards her Bronze Medal.

- Stable View August 2017, First place with a 68% at First level winning High Point AA for the Show!

- GHF July 2017, won Dana Clark's Timeless Award for highest scoring AA

-GDCTA September 2016 Final qualifying Training level score for Regionals at her second show

- GHF July 2016 two Second places at Training level and earning a qualifying score for Regionals with a 69%. Runner up for the Dana Clarks Timeless Award. This being her very first show!


Jimmy and his AQHA gelding, Rhythm and Blues, are the perfect team!  The pair have accomplished a lot over the past few years and have won several awards.

- GHF June 2019, earned his highest score at Third level as well as a qualifying score towards Regionals.

- GHF April 2019, debuted at Fourth level earning both fourth kevel scores towards his Silver Medal.

- 14th place at Third level Jr/Yr Championships Region 3 Regionals 2018

- GDCTA May 2018 High Point Champion for Third Level JR/YR, one score towards Regionals at Third Level, and finished his Bronze Medal!!

-2017 Year End Award of Reserve High Point for Second Level JR/YR at the GDCTA Gala

- GDCTA May 2017 Earned both Second level scores towards his Bronze Medal.

- GDCTA Year End Awards Gala 2016, Champion USDF/USEF Training level and Fourth place in First level. Also receiving the Lisa Seger Insurance Medal Program Cooler for the Highest score in the Junior division for the year.

- Region 3 Regionals 2016, 8th place out of 47 at Training level and Eleventh place out of 34 at First level.

- GHF July 2016  High Point Jr/yr for the show, Overall High Point for the show, and their first qualifying score at First level for Regionals.


Linda came to us to better her Dressage riding for her Eventing scores.  Due to an injury to her show horse, she leased Barbara's gelding, Extra.  She is now the proud owner of Extra!  The pair have had great success.

- GHF June 2019, Earned her final qualifying scores at First and Second level AA for Regionals.

- GHF April 2019, earned one qualifying score at First and Second level AA.

- 19th out of 44 riders First level AA Championships and 14th place Second level AA Championships at Region 3 Regionals

- GDCTA May 2018, Qualified for Regionals at First Level and one score towards Second level

- GDCTA September 2017, Qualified for Regional Championships at First level.  

- GDCTA September 2016 final qualifying score for Regionals at Second level and fulfilling the Second level requirements towards her Bronze Medal.

-  Chatt Hills June 2016 All Blue weekend and High Point Second level AA

- GHF September 2015 Sandy Osborn Good Rider Award and Reserve Champion for the Tulley Thoroughbred Award

 - GDCTA September 2015 Qualified at her first show with Extra at First level

Ella recently joined us at Avalon fall of 2018.  She and her pony gelding, Lollipop Guild aka "Freckles", had a great first year competing at Recognized shows at Intro level.  The pair most recently debuted at Training level with excellent scores and exhibited that hard work pays off!

- GDCTA May 2019, earned a score towards Regionals at Training level JR.
- GHF April 2019, Competed in Training level and First level.  Taking two 1st and a 2nd place for the weekend as well as 4th place in the National Pony Cup Award.
- Region 3 Regionals 2018, debuted Training level test 1 and 3.  Taking two 1st's and two 3rd's with scores in the mid 60's.
- GHF Septemeber 2018, all blues weekend!  Scoring high 60's and 70's on every test.  Won the Dressage Seat Equitation 13 and Under with a 70% as well.  This show fulfilled their requirements for the GDCTA Letterman's Jacket.
-GDCTA September 2018 scored over 70% at Intro level which won them the Pony TOC class for the show. 


Martene has been out of the horse show world for over 15 years and has been focused on producing the country's top Georgian Grande horses. I've had the pleasure of campaigning her lovely gelding, Starfires Rising Phoenix, over the past year and have handed the baton off to Martene.  

-2017 IGGHR Year End Award of Reserve High Point for First Level AA

- Stable View August 2017, earning their second First level score needed for Regionals Championships and fulfilling their First level requirements for their Bronze Medal.

- GHF July 2017, Reserve High Point Champion CBH Friesian/Baroque Award at their very first show together. 

Horses Campaigned by Avalon Farm...

Starfires Rising Phoenix

Jessica has had great success establishing Phoenix's show career 2016-2017.  Owned and bred by Starfire Farm in Dawsonville, GA, Phoenix is a 2008 Georgian Grande Gelding.

- GHF June 2017, High Point Champion Georgian Grande and 6th place CBH Friesian/Baroque High Score Award, as well as earning a qualifying score for Regionals at Third Level. 

- GHF September 2016, All Blues weekend with upper 60's at Third level and 4th place CBH Friesian/Baroque High Score Award with a 66.6% at Third level.

- Ole South Classic August 2016, Upper 60's at his Third level debut

- Poplar Place October 2015, mid 60's in First and Second levels at his very first outing.

Botticelli CDF

Jessica got the pleasure of starting Botticelli's show career.  Owned and bred by Coves-Darden Farm, the 2012 PRE gelding is off to a great start!

-Ole South Classic August 2016, upper 60's and 70's throughout the weekend, taking a First, 2 Seconds and a Third place.

- GHF July 2016 upper 60's all weekend at his second outing

- GHF June 2016 Reserve Champion CBH Friesian/Baroque High Score Award

Rebujito VII

Jessica had the pleasure of campaigning and selling Coves-Darden Farm of Aiken, SC's beautiful 2010 PRE stallion, Rebujito VII.

- Poplar Place October 2015, mid to upper 60's at Training and First levels.

- GHF September 2015 Champion CBH Friesian/Baroque High Score Award at their first show.


Jessica had the pleasure of debuting the handsome Han/TB gelding at his very first show.  Truly a gentle giant (standing at 18.2 hands)!

- GHF July 2009, All Blues weekend with mid 60's at Third level