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USDF Regionals for Region 3

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A fun Fall weekend for a horse show!  Thanks to our sponsor, Custom Saddlery and Harmony Saddle Fitting for keeping all of our horses and riders comfortable and happy.

Mary and her gelding, Casper, competed in the Prix St. George AA Championships placing 10th with a 64.19% out of 47 riders.

Jimmy and his gelding, Blue, competed in the Third level Jr/Yr Championships placing 10th with a 63.5% out of a very tough 14 riders.

Linda and her gelding, Extra, competed in First and Second level AA Championship classes placing 19th out of 44 riders in First level and 14th out of 18 riders in Second level.

Pat and her gelding, Corsair, competed in Second level over the weekend. The pair had several clean tests, but Corsair seemed to struggle a little with maintaining energy in the deep footing in the Grand Prix arenas throughout the weekend keeping them just shy of the scores needed.

Ella and her gelding, Freckles, competed for the first time at Training level. Taking two 1st's and two 3rd's scoring in the mid 60's all weekend!

Maribeth and her mare, Honour, competed in the Dressage Seat Semi-Finals 13 and Under placing 3rd with an 80%. This earned them a Wild Card to compete in the Dressage Seat Finals at Lamplight next year. The pair also took a stab at Third level over the weekend. They had a few mistakes but showed good effort first time out just missing the scores needed towards their Bronze Medal.

Sir Aspen and Jessica had several great schooling sessions around the busy show grounds over the weekend.  Pics to come soon.

GHF Fall Dressage Show

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A very exciting weekend at the Horse Park in Conyers!

Pat and her boy, Corsair, earned one of their Second level scores towards their Bronze Medal with a whopping 66.09% also making them Reserve High Point of the Show!


Ella and her boy, Freckles, had an all Blues weekend! The pair were in high 60's and even 70's at Intro level and Equitation all weekend. This show also completed their requirements for their GDCTA Lettermans Jacket.

Elizabeth and her gelding, Riddle, had a great weekend showing.  The pair consistently earned higher scores each ride starting in the mid 60's finishing out in the upper 60's at Training level.  They also were Reserve High Point for the show in the Pony Division.

GDCTA Labor Day Show

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Recovering from a great weekend at the GDCTA Labor Day show.

Mary and Casper rocked it at PSG and are qualified for Regionals.

Linda and Extra got their final score for Regionals at Second level.

Pat and Corsair had some great moments in their Second level tests over the weekend and nailed the canter work Sunday.

Jimmy and Blue got their highest score yet at Third level and finished qualifying for Regionals.

Ella and Freckles had some good rides Saturday and cleaned up on Sunday. The pair won the Pony TOC class with over a 70%!
Congratulations to everyone for a great weekend of showing! Thanks to Nancy at Harmony saddle fitting and Custom Saddlery for keeping our riders and horses happy. Also a big thanks to those who came out to cheer us on. Susan and Maribeth, Amy, Barbara, Meredith, Kora, Judith and Paul (thanks for the pictures), and Morgan.

Dressage Festival of Champions

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A great weekend at Lamplight in IL for Maribeth and Honour.  The pair competed in the FEI Childrens division taking 9th place overall!  Very proud of them and looking forward to seeing the progress as they continue to grow together.

Welcome Emmy!!

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We’d like to congratulate Judith and Paul on their newest addition to the family, Emmy!

Chatt Hills May Show

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Another Hot weekend in GA! 

Maribeth and Honour finished qualifying for FEI Childrens at Lamplight this weekend by earning her final two scores!  The pair also finished qualifying for the Dressage seat finals this weekend and took Reserve High Point for First level JR/YR on Saturday.  Susan and Stilts earned one of their qualifying scores towards Regionals for Second level and made great progress from their previous show just two weeks earlier!  The pair also took Reserve High Point Second level AA for Saturday's ride!  Both are getting stronger and becoming a great team.  Hochadel's Diamond Girl and Jessica earned both of their qualifying scores towards Regionals at Third level. They had a few costly mistakes both days, so no wow scores. Looking forward to what's possible after a little more work!!

GDCTA May Show

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A great (hot) weekend, very proud of everyone!

Jimmy and Blue earned a qualifying score toward Regionals at Third level and their final two scores completing their Bronze Medal!!! The pair also won the Lisa Seger Insurance High Point Award for Third Level JR/YR.

Linda and Extra qualified for Regionals at First level and are only one score short for qualifying at Second level.

Maribeth and Honour earned two qualifying scores towards the FEI Children’s finals at Lamplight and one score towards the Equitation finals!

Susan and Stilts had a great first outing after taking over a year off. The pair had several nice moments throughout the weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing their progress as he gets stronger.

A special thanks to Rene for all her help this weekend and thank you to our sponsor, Nancy with Harmony Saddle fitting and Custom Saddlery.

2017 Year End Awards

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Congratulations to Starfires Rising Phoenix and Martene, who were IGGHR 2017 Horse of the Year Reserve Champion Dressage First Level Adult Amateur!!

Congratulations to Jimmy and Blue for earning Reserve Champion High Point at Second level for USDF/USEF recognized shows at the GDCTA awards Gala for 2017!

USDF Finals in KY

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Had a great time at the USDF Nationals last week in Lexington, KY. Mary and her beautiful gelding Casper had two great rides. The pair took second in their large warmup class Thursday and finished seventh overall in their championship class at Fourth level freestyle AA Saturday! Very proud of all their hard work.

Alvin and Jessica had a few great schooling sessions on the show grounds, but sadly had a few mistakes in their championship class.  They placed eleventh overall in the Second level open. Was a great time catching up with old friends and making some new ones.
A side note, Mary and Jessica were the only two riders representing Georgia, and the only ones in their championship classes from Region 3! Thanks to Paul and Judith for coming to cheer them on and the wonderful pictures! A special thanks to Nancy Bardy at Harmony Saddle Fitting and Custom saddlery for keeping Jessica, Mary and their horses backs happy:)

Region 3 Regional Championships

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A long Hot, but rewarding week in sunny Wellington, FL. Mary and Casper took 4th place overall in their Fourth Level Freestyle Championship class and Highest scoring AA. Earning them a place to compete at Nationals in KY in November. Sir Aspen had a less than ideal ride in his Second level Championship class, still placing 7th out of 16 earning a place to compete at Nationals and a chance to redeem himself ;)